Sharpe - Classic Collection - eight-DVDs

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Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Goldeneye) is Sharpe, a troubled outsider, who following a heroic act of bravery, finds himself promoted to the rank of officer. In this definitive collection of the acclaimed drama, follow his breathtaking adventures commanding the King`s Rifles during the Napoleonic Wars.

This collection contains all 15 Sharpe adventures to date, covering all of Sharpe`s battles, both personal and professional:
Sharpe`s Rifles
Sharpe`s Eagle
Sharpe`s Company
Sharpe`s Enemy
Sharpe`s Honour
Sharpe`s Gold
Sharpe`s Battle
Sharpe`s Sword
Sharpe`s Regiment
Sharpe`s Siege
Sharpe`s Mission
Sharpe`s Revenge
Sharpe`s Justice
Sharpe`s Waterloo
Sharpe: The Legend

Please note: This series does not include Sharpe`s Peril or Sharpe`s Challenge.
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