Railways Restored - Severn Valley Railway

Product Features
For 16 miles, the Seven Valley Railway follows Britain`s longest River, linking gentle countryside and historic towns which are steeped in the relics of our industrial past. From the new Victorian style station at Kidderminster , the programme journeys north, using the lines steam locomotives, including the Great Marquess, aK4 class loco. Along the way the visitor can see traditional crafts, such as carpet, rope and clay pipe making. There are also superb stations and viaducts, as well as the ferry at Hampton Loade, a waterwheel at Daniels Mill and the picturesque River Severn itself. At journeys end in Bridgenorth, there is a tor of the ancient town and a chance to see the Midland motor museum, before going on to the world famous heritage site at Ironbridge.
Price: £5.99