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The Powell & Pressburger Collection : ELEVEN best loved British Films.

The Red Shoes ballet impressario Boris Lermontov (Walbrook) hires up-and-coming ballerina Victoria Page (Moira Shearer) and talented young composer Julian Craster (Goring) to work with him on a new ballet, an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story 'The Red Shoes'. The shoes is a great success and Victoria and Julian fall in love, but Boris is jealous and makes moves to spoil their happiness. '

A Matter of Life and Death. David Niven plays an RAF pilot who is ready to be picked up by the angels after bailing out of his plane. But an administrative error in Heaven leads to a temporary reprieve, during which he must prove his right to stay on Earth. A tribunal in heaven ensues to decide the case.

Black Narcissus a group of British nuns are sent into the Himalayas to set up a mission. The clear mountain air, the unfamiliar culture and the unbridled sensuality of a young prince (Sabu) and his beggar-girl lover (Jean Simmons) begin to play havoc with the nuns' long-suppressed emotions.

I Know Where I'm Going! a woman (Wendy Hiller) has always known what she wanted in life, and now she is about to marry a millionaire. But when she ends up stranded on a Hebredian island due to a storm, she begins to see things a little differently.

Ill Met By Moonlight was the final film created by Powell and Pressburger together. Set on the island of Crete during the Nazi occupation and stars Dirk Bogarde.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp a stuffy ex-soldier Clive Candy (Roger Livesey) recalls his career which began as a dashing officer in the Boer War. As a young man he lost the woman he loved (Deborah Kerr, who plays three roles) to a Prussian officer (Anton Walbrook), whom he fought in a duel only to become lifelong friends with.

'The Battle of the River Plate' tells the true story when British cruisers trap a powerful German battleship in the neutral Uruguayan  harbour of Montevideo and try to convince the captain they are part of a larger fleet so he’ll surrender.

 Canterbury Tale a British sergeant, a land girl and a United States Army officer arrive at a Kent village and are brought face to face with a problem in the tight-knit community:. Someone is pouring glue onto the hair of girls who dare to venture out at night with visiting   servicemen.

 49th Parallel, Laurence Olivier and Leslie Howard are among the stars in this classic war film, which won an Academy Award for the best story.

They're a Weird Mob, Nino is an Italian immigrant who arrives in Australia with the promise of a job from his cousin., and then discovers there’s no job—his cousin’s run off—and that he owes the ship’s fare.

The Tales of Hoffman follows Hoffman’s quest for the eternal woman, and how he’s always thwarted by evil. 

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