Agatha Christie`s Poirot - three-DVDs

Product Features
David Suchet stars as Agatha Christie`s enigmatic, eccentric and extremely intelligent detective, Hercule Poirot.

Murder On The Orient Express
One of Agatha Christie`s best loved murder mysteries, this new production is directed by BAFTA winner Philip Martin. Travelling from Istanbul to London on the famous Orient Express train Poirot is asked by Samuel Ratchett to provide him with protection against an unnamed threat. He refuses but when Ratchett is found murdered Poirot vows to find the killer.

Starring Dame Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville, David Morrissey and Barbara Hershey. Director: Philip Martin. Producer: Karen Thrussell

Death On The Nile
A lavish murder mystery adapted from Agatha Christie`s most famous crime thriller. Shot in stunning locations, Death On The Nile is set on board a Nile cruise where, against Poirot`s advice, a heartbroken Jacqueline De Bellefort has joined the trip to stalk her former fiance and his new heiress wife. When the unfortunate heiress is found shot in the head, Jacqueline has the perfect alibi after being locked in her cabin for attacking her ex-love.

Starring Emily Blunt, J J Field, James Fox and David Soul. Director: Andy Wilson. Producer: Margaret Mitchell

The ABC Murders
A is for Andover, the town where Mrs Ascher is found battered to death. B is for Bexhill, where Betty Barnard is strangled. C for Churston, the tiny Devonshire village where Sir Carmichael Clarke is murdered. Beside each body lies a copy of the ABC Railway Guide--open at the relevant page. The police are baffled. But the murderer has already made a grave mistake. He has challenged Hercule Poirot to unmask him.

Starring Nicholas Farrell, Peter Penry-Jones and Donald Sumpter. Director: Andrew Grieve. Producer: Brian Eastman

DVD Extras
Over one hour of DVD extras.
+David Suchet on the Orient Express Documentary (46 mins) David Suchet investigates the mystery, history and romance of the Venice-Simplon Orient Express. David goes behind the scenes to meet the people who keep the fantasy on track.
+Murder on The Orient Express Behind The Scenes (14mins)
A behind the scenes look at the filming of Agatha Christie`s Poirot`s Murder on the Orient Express - including interviews with David Suchet, the cast and crew.
+Death On The Nile Cast & Crew Interviews (14 mins)
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