Rosamunde Pilcher`s The Other Wife - one-DVD

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Rebecca Kendall, a beautiful ex-ballerina, has it all; a stunning house; two wonderful daughters; and a handsome, loving husband, Richard.

Richard`s time is divided between England and Canada, where, without Rebecca`s knowledge he has invested everything they have in a gold mine, one which is yet to yield gold. When Richard is killed in a plane crash, Rebecca slowly learns the full extent of her husband`s lies and deceit.

Battling with her grief, she discovers that not only has Richard left her family penniless, but he also has a second family on the other side of the Atlantic, a wife Natalie and five year old son Jared.

Confused she reluctantly turns to her brother in law, Martin, whose help and kindness masks an ulterior motive. It is only war veteran Harry who gives the selfless support Rebecca needs and when Natalie claims part of Richard`s estate he encourages them to talk.

When the two women meet, they discover that they have more in common than they could have imagined and both have been equally wronged; they are both The Other Wife.
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