The Margaret Lockwood Collection - six-DVDs

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The Lady Vanishes
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this masterful film is filled with suspense and intrigue. On a European train journey a young woman strikes up an acquaintance with a middle-aged English governess who, during the journey mysteriously disappears from her compartment.
Love Story
A young concert pianist discovers she only has a short time to live. Accepting her fate, she determines to make the most of her remaining time - then, she falls in love with a pilot (Stewart Grainger) not knowing he is faced with probable blindness.
The Wicked Lady
After stealing her best friend`s fiance and marrying him, Barbara becomes bored with her life in a country mansion and takes to highway robbery as a way to put some excitement into her life. One night she meets the dashing Captain Jackson (James Mason) a fellow highwayman and the two embark on a passionate and nocturnal affair, which eventually turns to murder.
Bank Holiday
Stephen Howard (John Lodge) has just lost his wife in childbirth. His grief-stricken state touches the heart of a hospital nurse who offers to accompany him home. He refuses, but over the next few days she fears for him and decides to seek him out.
Give Us The Moon
It is London, three years after the war and a group of friends set up a scam - renting a club in Soho they lure customers on the promise that they will meet a rich and beautiful princess, but, she never arrives and meanwhile they will have spent a lot of money at the bar. One day, however, their ruse is discovered and they need to act fast to avoid a scandal.
Highly Dangerous
In this film version of the Eric Ambler thriller set in Eastern Europe, Frances, a British agent and an American (Bill Dane) have 24 hours to complete their mission under the watchful eye of the secret police.

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