The David Lean Collection - ten-DVDs

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Surrey born David Lean was widely regarded as one of the greatest film directors of all time, with his wonderful understanding of people and their relationships and we have put together a collection of ten of his most notable and popular films on DVD for you to enjoy:-

This Happy Breed starring Celia Johnson and John Mills, follows the lives of an ordinary middle class family between the wars - their dramas and those of their children.

The Passionate Friends a woman (Ann Todd) meets and marries an older man (Claude Rains) but then bumps into her former lover (Trevor Howard) and finds her passions re-ignited.

Madeleine based on a true story about Madeleine Smith (Ann Todd), a young Glasgow woman from a wealthy family, who was tried in 1857 for the murder of her lover.

Hobson`s Choice a Lancashire bootmaker`s eldest daughter marries his assistant and he sets them up in their own firm, but to Hobson`s consternation, they soon become his main rival - stars Charles Laughton and John Mills.

Blithe Spirit - Rex Harrison and Margaret Rutherford star in this wonderful version of the Noel Coward play with Harrison haunted by the ghost of his ex-wife.

Brief Encounter- Recently voted `The greatest romantic film of all time`- a respectable suburban housewife Ceila Johnson has a chance meeting with a handsome married doctor Trevor Howard; their friendship becomes romance, but they feel the pressures of convention pulling their relationship apart.

Great Expectations- the Oscar Winning version of Charles Dickens novel starring John Mills.

Oliver Twist - superb version of the story about the boy who asked for more staring Alec Guiness as Fagin, Anthoney Newley as the Artful Dodger.

In Which We Serve- Noel Coward stars in one of the most memorable British films made during World War II. Unfolding in flashback as survivors cling to a dingy.

The Sound Barrier - adapted from a Terrance Ratigan play about a man obsessed with his work to the exclusion of his family.

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