The Stewart Granger Collection - twelve-DVDs

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Normally, this 12 DVD Boxed Set sells for £59.99 but we are able to offer this collection at just £24.99.

This 12 film collection contains all the box office hits that boosted morale during the war and made the austerity of the immediate post war years a little more bearable.

Films included are:-

The Lamp Still Burns, adapted from the Monica Dickens novel which saw his first role as a dashing hero.

Love Story, which firmly established him as the nation`s favourite romantic lead.

Fanny By Gaslight, with Phyllis Calvert in the title role, he played a respected MP who is tempted by a wicked lord (James Mason).

The melodrama Madonna of the Seven Moons which was a huge box office success with Granger in the pivotal role of Nino Barucci again teamed with Mason.

In Waterloo Road, now Britain`s No.1 box office star, he was the villainous draft-dodging spiv Ted Purvis opposite John Mills.

Costume drama Caesar and Cleopatra saw him in the first of the swashbuckling roles he would be synonymous with.

Caravan with Dennis Price and Jean Kent was a mix of gypsies, seduction and madness.

The Magic Bow is the sentimental story of the violin virtuosos Paganini.

With an all star cast including Cecil Parker, Robert Donat and Alastair Sim, Captain Boycott, sees him as the dashing lead in this historical melodrama.

In Blanche Fury, he marries a beautiful governess only to regret it, in this film of murder and mayhem.

The Woman Hater sees him gently sending up his own image in a comic role that he clearly relishes.

Adam and Evelyne saw him starring opposite his soon to be second wife Jean Simmons in this story of romance.

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