The House of Eliott - twelve-DVDs

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Set in the 1920s, this stunning drama tells the story of two sisters, Beatrice and Evangeline Eliott who find themselves penniless when their wealthy, philandering father dies. Unable to rely on their inheritance as they had planned, they go into the dressmaking business. Soon The House of Eliott is the smartest, most prestigious establishment in London.

Starring: Stella Gonet, Louise Lombard, Barbara Jefford, Aden Gillett, Peter Birch, Cathy Murphy, Robert Daws, Burt Kwouk, Jean Anderson, Minnie Driver, Anne Lambton, Jack Watling, Michael Culver, Stephen Churchett, Judy Flynn, Kate Fahy, Rupert Frazer, Elizabeth Garvie, Robert Bathurst, Victoria Alcock, Melanie Ramsay, Ian Redford, Richard Lintern, Robert Hands, Bill Thomas, Toby Whitehouse, Shebah Ronay.
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