The Complete Doctor Collection - seven-DVDs

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A box set of all seven of the `Doctor` films.

In `Doctor in the House` (1954) junior doctor Simon Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) gains a position at St Swithin`s Hospital in London and ends up sharing `digs` with a bunch of slightly older young medics, all of whom have failed the previous year on account of their inability to keep to the curriculum. Sparrow tries to find a balance between the antics of his new peers and the ever-terrifying Sir Lancelot Spratt, chief surgeon at St Swithin`s and a man on the lookout for miscreant doctors wherever they may be. Menaced by the advances of his landlady`s daughter, and feelings for one of the nurses, will Sparrow be able to qualify?

In `Doctor at Sea` (1955) Sparrow (Bogarde) becomes a ship`s doctor on a sea-going freighter, runs into trouble with the Captain and performs an impromptu appendix operation. Brigitte Bardot appears, in her first British film role, as the love interest.

`Doctor at Large` (1957) Sparrow (Bogarde) is a qualified doctor and working in Casualty. However, when he is rather rude to a very important patient he is fired. Sparrow soon gets another job but finds that, despite the perks of constant attentive females, he still yearns to become a surgeon. Can he succeed?

`Doctor in Love` (1960) sees Michael Craig starring as Dr Richard Hare (taking over from Bogarde`s lead role of Simon Sparrow). Hare finds himself a patient at his own hospital and falls for the charms of Nurse Nightingale (Moira Redmond)... and then Dr Barrington (Virginia Maskell).

`Doctor in Distress` (1963) sees Dirk Bogarde returning as the young doctor Simon Sparrow, and finds himself trying to manage Sir Lancelot Spratt`s love life. However, this puts pressure on Sparrow`s own relationship with a young pysiotherapist (Samantha Eggar).

`Doctor in Clover` (1966) focuses on the character of Gaston Grimsdyke (Leslie Phillips). A chance meeting with Sir Lancelot Spratt leads the young doctor to a position in a new hospital, which eventually leads to chaos.

In the final film `Doctor in Trouble` (1970) troubles befall Dr Burke (Leslie Phillips) when he stows away on an ocean liner and poses as a female photographer. Once more the young doctor runs into the authorative figure of a Spratt, but this time it is Sir Lancelot`s brother Captain Spratt (Robert Morley).
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