Fred Dibnah`s All Steamed Up - one-DVD

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"Steam Engines are what made England great - and they don`t answer back! You can belt them with a hammer and they say nowt."

Fred was fascinated with steam at a very early age and soon bought his first Steam Roller to restore and thus learn a second trade - his first being Britain`s favourite steeplejack!

Join Fred as he visits the famous Cheshire Steam Fair, one of the country`s greatest steam spectacles. Be there in the cab of Fred`s own Aveling & Porter 10 Ton Road Roller BETSY built in 1910. Watch how Fred tests the Fowler 86 Road Loco - ATLAS. See the master at work in the Dibnah Steam Workshop restoring the cylinder block of his own A&P Colonial Steam Tractor. Enjoy the wit and wisdom of one of Britain`s most colourful characters and get All Steamed Up with Fred
Price: £9.99